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Lead Developer

Heat Oracle

Mar 2016 → Current (3 years, 3 months)

Internet of Things project providing homeowners with better efficiency for oil heating

  • Implemented a mobile-friendly responsive website design
  • Integrated Stripe for payment processing
  • Site is based on a REST API talking to vue.js components
  • Twilio integration for SMS alerts
  • Aggregating our Postgres data into Redis for real-time performance
  • Using Pandas and statsmodels for tank usage predictions based on tank data and Wunderground-provided weather information

Lead Developer

Ground Energy

Mar 2012 → Current (7 years, 3 months)

Built and currently maintain (and extend) the Django codebase that powers Ground Energy. The system receives status reports from geothermal installs once per minute, logs them to the database and provides both live reports and daily summaries. In spite of the enormous amount of data each installation generates, the site is able to return real-time reporting in a responsive manner.

In addition to speaking to our native installation devices which report by POSTing XML, I've abstracted the reporting to allow us to provide the same reports to owners of Ecobee thermostats by integrating with their API via OAuth requests.

Throughout the process I have worked directly with the principals to design and extend the services offered.

Web and Application Developer


Oct 2007 → Current (11 years, 8 months)

Working mainly in Django for various client projects (see items below and my portfolio for details). Some of my earlier, non-Django work:

Six month project as lead developer for an air taxi service. Built a site using C# and SQL Server to manage plane locations and allow customers to reserve planes and pay for flights. System intelligently selected planes based on plane type, weight limits, physical location (radius search) and calculated trip times based on multiple airspeed models. Used Microsoft's Ajax library and jQuery to provide user-friendly features like pick lists and auto-complete searches. Customer information was passed on to via web service calls.

  • Integrated New Age Software's web site with Bullhorn Staffing via C# calls to web service to present a consistent interface to users.

  • Worked with a number of open-source platforms: Built PHP-powered forms inside Expression Engine, Extended existing X-Cart install by building custom templates and adding new database calls in a manner consistent with existing coding approach.

MOOC Developer

HBX: Harvard Business School

Oct 2013 → Mar 2016 (2 years, 6 months)

I spent two-and-a-half years working as both a front- and back-end developer on various parts of the upcoming MOOC offering from Harvard Business School. On the front-end I'm building various teaching resources in JavaScript using resources like D3 and SVG to provide on-the-fly interactive graphing and data updates.

On the back-end I've designed the plugin system for the teaching elements, worked on the Tastypie-based APIs for the course and administrative sides and am currently working with our Mongo collections of user metrics and user state data to build administrative reports that will allow professors to continuously improve the effectiveness of their teaching resources. In addition to hands-on coding, much of my time was spent reviewing pull requests/ working with junior engineers to turn them into senior engineers. I worked with a team of outsourced coders and developed a great rapport (and some enduring friendships) over the two plus years, gaining their trust and fostering a spirit of collaboration that was absent when I started.

As part of my responsibilities, I participated in the daily standup meetings via teleconference and worked for a time as build master, partering with the devops lead to turn a messy, by-hand deployment process into a series of reliable scripts.



Oct 2012 → Feb 2016 (3 years, 5 months)

Worked directly with the founders to create the front- and back-end of their original web site and then extend it to add more tools as the business took off. Added online payment via the portal and a responsive design after the initial build.

Maintenance Developer

DIS - Study Abroad

Aug 2014 → Sep 2015 (1 year, 2 months)

Worked with the DIS team in Denmark to extend and improve their 5 linked web sites, making it easier to respond to applicants quickly and directly. Automated the deployment process for all sites with a single Fabric process.

Lead Developer

KillScreen Magazine

Aug 2010 → Oct 2014 (4 years, 3 months)

Built the original site and content management system that powers (KillScreen)[] and maintained the site for some time after that. In 2013, I came back to KillScreen and worked with a front-end development team to redesign the site. In order to make it easy for the front-end team to integrate their work and some newer UI concepts, I extracted a REST interface from the existing CMS to deliver content.

Bluetooth Automotive Traffic Monitoring


Aug 2013 → May 2014 (10 months)

Took over an existing codebase that parsed data from pinging Bluetooth sensors in cars to determine average speed, determine traffic problems and optimize light timing. Replaced a mess of code generated by an intern with a Pandas-based solution that included unit tests to ensure the code now works as expected. The resulting project was also much faster than the original solution.

Salonweek Boston Website


Apr 2011 → Oct 2012 (1 year, 7 months)

Built the front-end and Django back-end that powered the site at the time. Included the ability to crop photos in the browser via jQuery and allowed users to vote for their favorite styles. Also included admin tools for salons to post offers and ecommerce for salons to subscribe to the service.

Professor Cadmore's Challenge


Sep 2011 → Aug 2012 (1 year)

Facebook application to quiz college students about Solidworks tools and give away software

  • End-to-end integration with Facebook back when it wasn't so easy
  • Tools for building multi-media quizzes
  • Automatic grading and feedback powering leaderboards for instant user gratification


Rivermill at Dover Landing

2010 → 2011 (2 years)

Along with my wife and some friends, we have started an event space here in Dover, New Hampshire that I contribute to on nights and weekends (and work free IT for).

Frontline: God in America


May 2010 → Apr 2011 (1 year)

Built a Pinax-powered social website called "Faithbook" for discussion of an episode of PBS' Frontline. Integrated with PBS' oAuth authentication library to create a seamless experience for users. Built tools for users to easily express themselves and for editors to manage those comments and automatically filter spam.

Brokerage Data Site

Fidelity Investments

Jan 2009 → Oct 2010 (1 year, 10 months)

Provided daily mutual fund data to an Expression Engine site via XML downloads and Python parsing

  • Worked directly with Fidelity's brokerage data team to automate daily FTP downloads of XML files
  • Wrote a parser using Python's lxml library to efficiently parse data across multi-gigabyte files
  • Integrated data with Expression Engine's expected MySQL data format

Print CSS 2.1 and CSS 3.0 Test Case Designer


Nov 2007 → Jan 2009 (1 year, 3 months)

Worked with people at HP and the W3C to design test cases for CSS standards that would later be implemented in browsers. This involved either designing the tests completely in my mind or (ideally) using PrinceXML to test the proposed standards that were already supported there. I came into the project as veteran user of CSS but learned so much about both the technology, what it takes to create standards and the importance of exactitude in technical language.

API Development

Progressive Insurance

Oct 2008 → Dec 2008 (3 months)

Converted an existing proof-of-concept PHP API into a .NET project.

UX Review for Tabblo


Aug 2007 → Oct 2007 (3 months)

Asked by HP to review the usability and workflow of Tabblo after they acquired the product.

User Interface Developer and Usability Consultant

PixelMEDIA, Inc

Nov 2000 → Oct 2007 (7 years)

As a User Interface Developer and Usability Consultant

  • Founding member of PixelMEDIA's multi-discipline usability team

  • Integrated a hand-built (XHTML and JavaScript) WYSIWYG form editor that allowed users to create forms for a CMS by dragging and dropping form elements from a palette of options in the days before JavaScript libraries like
    YUI and jQuery existed.

  • Built rich user controls for web and application interfaces and compiled reusable controls into libraries

  • Worked with approximately 40 client development teams to integrate XHTML/CSS/JavaScript user interface layers with various back-ends

  • Pushed the limits of browser and video player integration for video security application provider, allowing users to drag "cameras" into windows to switch feeds and manage external displays using a mix of jQuery and YUI

Application Developer

PixelMEDIA, Inc

Nov 2000 → Oct 2007 (7 years)

Created a content management system (CMS) in ASP to enforce consistency across dozens of individual country
web sites. System was such a success it was extended to manage extranets and secured team sites.

  • When the client outgrew the original, replaced the CMS with a system written in .NET (C#) to control all online content. Managed a four-person development team to integrate code, web services, database logic and 3rd- party products.

  • Extracted MVC framework from .NET CMS that became the foundation of all major company application work

  • Built custom PHP framework in 2002 that is still being used in company PHP development

  • Built e-commerce sites in PHP, ASP and .NET using various payment providers and technologies

  • Built custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for client in need of multiple integration points and custom information flow

  • Integrated with 3rd-party development teams on various projects

  • Created a Windows COM object we could install across servers to provide a single, universal way of logging and tracking 500 errors across all sites, greatly improving existing codebases and future projects that used those codebases.



Nov 2000 → Oct 2007 (7 years)

Came in as an entry-level developer and left as the team lead. In the seven years between, helped to move the development process from old-school tables-and-blank-gif development for Netscape 4 to XHTML-compliant sites designed in CSS and gracefully degrading for accessibility. Learned dozens of languages well enough to be at least dangerous in them. Helped implement proper version control with Subversion back in 2002 or so (prior to that we used StarTeam which was very much like not having version control) and bug tracking via Trac (prior to that we went mad looking at spreadsheets).

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BA in Economics

University of Rochester

1993 → 1997

I graduated with a 3.2 GPA in spite of many of my achievements being in the field of alcohol consumption.

Open Source


Nov 2011 → Current (7 years, 6 months)

Working to scratch an itch and organize my collections of .CBR/ .CBZ comic book scan files into an easy-to-browse group and then make them available on my local network for consumption on other devices. Which probably means the completed project would require a nice HTML5 reader.

Sole, mad developer


Nov 2011 → Current (7 years, 7 months)

A place for me to stash the utility stuff I bring to each Django project

Sole developer.


May 2011 → Current (8 years)

Port of webf library

Almost none. Found it in a decaying forum post and preserved it because I found it useful.

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