Ian Clark

Software Engineer at Packlane


Preferred technologies


Software Engineer


Jan 2018 → Current (3 years, 3 months)
elixir phoenix-framework mongodb postgresql

Full-stack development

Software Programmer

LeMans Corp

Dec 2016 → Current (4 years, 4 months)
kotlin spring go redis elasticsearch mysql

Working as a backend Software Engineer building microservices (Kotlin, Go, and Spring), ETL pipelines, and all the wonderful pieces required to build a modern e-commerce platform.

Web Applications Developer


Jan 2016 → Dec 2016 (1 year)
python flask redis rabbitmq celery vue.js cryptography

I rewrote a product (a TCP duplexer) we offered using Go and achieved a 3200% performance gain over the initial implementation in Python. Building a new service offering which allows customers to encrypt/decrypt files on-the-fly, using securely stored (HSM) symmetric keys, transparently uploading to popular cloud provides, such as: AWS S3, Box, & Dropbox. Created a new database application layer which allowed the backend API to transition from using a third-party CRM (Sugar) to Postgres which greatly improved overall performance and saved the company annual licensing fees (around 10k USD, estimate). Increasing code test coverage for our monolithic API by over 60%. In economics, there's a common saying that we've predicted the past 9 out of 5 recessions, and I follow the same path of thinking when it comes to automated testing.



University of Texas at San Antonio

Aug 2011 → May 2015

Open Source


May 2016 → Current (4 years, 11 months) 132 commits / 11,510 ++ / 7,991 -- Last commit on Nov 13, 17

An experimental in-memory distributed key-value store based upon distributed hash tables.


Mar 2016 → Current (5 years, 1 month)
go redis mysql postgresql docker

Developer, Golang, Redis, MySQL · A feature-complete Bittorrent tracker implemented in Golang (working on 1.5 through the current tip) which uses MySQL to store peer statistics, file statistics and file metadata. Moreover, it uses Redis to store and differentiate between complete and incomplete peers as well as to aggregate statistics concerning peers (total peer hits/day, unique peer hits/day, &c.)

Apps & Software


Oct 2017
elixir phoenix-framework jquery stripe-payments postgresql

Provide Booking (https://providebooking.com) offers management of scheduling & billing for online entrepreneurs and business owners. Our product, in short, is a dashboard allowing schedule creation that enables your customers to book and pay for your time in one easy place. Provide Booking aims to set up users within five minutes, so that your customers can book your time immediately.

Provide Booking

Sep 2017
python flask postgresql docker nginx gunicorn vue.js vuex

A scheduling and billing web application capable of allowing customers to set their bookable time and other customers to pay for and book that time.


Favorite editor emacs