Seniod developer in a data-science company by day and a freelance developer by night ;)

Warsaw, Poland
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Intro Statement

Usually when someone says: "I'm a fullstack developer" they mean: "I know at least one backend language, and I know HTML and a little bit of Java" [pun intended].

I'm really a full-stack person --- I know python, have good understanding of JavaScript (from pure js, and jQuery to modern vue.js single page apps), created non-trivial projects in postgresql and I did write trigger functions in Python. Did I mention I'm doing Data Science now?

I'm a polyglot programmer, my first language of choice is usually Python, however I'm reasonably comfortable in using Java, I also have some experience with compiled languages: C++ and Java/Python/C interop. I also created some vue.js single page applications.

I'm also very comfortable with working in Linux environments, and I enjoy doing DevOps work for a small team.

Some qualities that make me stand out of the crowd:

  • I have a proven track record of delivering projects from idea to production;
  • I enjoy DevOps work, definitely wouldn't like to spend 100% of my time on that, but I know it's an important part of the job;
  • I enjoy writing technical documents/technical documentation. In the last year I did write couple of specs, some EU project deliverables, and some parts of successful grant proposal. While I'm not a native speaker, was good enough;
  • I know a lot of languages and technologies --- and I'm overly attached to any of them;
  • Actually most of my work was done either semi-remotely, remotely or as a part of remote team. I'm used to work independently with minimal outside oversight;
  • While I pointed that I'm comfortable with working remotely, I know how important teamwork is for a successful project;

I'm also free software enthusiast. It is also very important for me that my work is ethically acceptable (let's say that using php is not only reason I wouldn't work at Facebook, also hedge funds and market speculation definitely not OK).

Experience (12)

Senior Developer // Data Scientist


Jun 2018 → Current (2 years)

Rapidly developing/extending several MVP's including:

  • Employee scheduling application;
  • Churn prediction application;
  • Application for finding frauds in a very intesting dataset;

Strong teamworking skills are needed in this job, as we have cross-functional data-scientist/developer team.



Jul 2016 → Current (4 years)

Rapidly developing various web applications for SME-s in Australia.

Role: Developing and deploying applications.

Projects created (closed-source mostly):

  1. Some generic CRUD software for various SME's;
  2. Dockerized deployment of magento2 services;
  3. Android application that allowed patients to fill rather complicated, medical forms (for a skin-care clinic). Forms were generated from configuration files.
  4. Backend to the beforementioned android application.
  5. Vue.js editor for forms in the beforementioned application (in progress).

Full stack web developer

Freelance Work

Jan 2012 → Current (8 years, 5 months)

I have developed (either standalone or in a small team) couple of web applications. Some projects are highlighted.

Developer / Team Leader

Warsaw University of Technology

Jun 2016 → Feb 2019 (2 years, 9 months)

Developer and Team Leader in a Stem4youth EU project.

We are developing content platform for educational materials.

  • Prioritizing work with internal and external stakeholders;
  • Managing Backlog, and preparing tasks for current sprints;
  • DevOps work;
  • Developing various parts of the system;
  • Basically one man exception handler;

PhD Student / Lecturer

Warsaw University of Technology

Sep 2011 → Oct 2016 (5 years, 2 months)

I was a PhD student at Warsaw University Of Technology (Faculty of Physics), i taught following subjects:

  • Databases 101 (Bazy danych) Introduction to dabases, we cover basic queries, details of postgres database programing (stored procedures, plpgsql language) and some very basic introduction to NoSQL (using couchdb)
  • Python in scientific work (Python w Zastosowaniach Naukowych). Usage of Python for scientific work (including related libraries like: numpy, scipy and so on)
  • Computer Networking 101 (Sieci Komputerowe) Basic introduction to GNU/Linux, and some network programming
  • Projects in Java (Programowanie Obiektowe JAVA -- część projektowa) I help and grade about 30 projects made by second year students. Most of the projects require to do simulation of a particular physical phenomenon.
  • Enterprise Java 101 (Java EE) An introduction to Java EE and developing webaplications for students of higher years of Faculty of Physics. My aim to prepare my students to be able to write simple Web app in any language they choose, and to be able to join Java EE project without much help from their co-workers.



Jan 2016 → Jun 2016 (6 months)

OpenCraft is an agile team of senior developers maintaining several OpenEdX instnaces, as well as working on the core of the EdX platform.

OpenCraft is an flat team, most of the responsibilities (from DevOps to HR) are shared evenly between the team member.

I performed many various tasks at OpenCraft, including:

  • A lot of DevOps work including: upgrading EdX instances, creating Ansible playbooks and roles to deploy various pieces of software (from custom built django apps to Jenkins instances).
  • Implementing Stripe payments integration for one of our clients.
  • Maintanance and developement of XBlocks (Xblocks are main extension points of EdX Platform)

A lot of the work is visible on my github profile.

Part time Assistant

Warsaw University of Technology

Oct 2015 → Mar 2016 (6 months)

Teaching two courses:

  • Computer Networks 101 (in Polish)
  • Introduction to Webapplications in Django (in Polish)

Specialist (Specjalista in Polish)

National Centre for Nuclear Resarch

Oct 2014 → Sep 2015 (1 year)

Performing various data analysis related to:

  • High sensitivity gamma spectroscopy --- developing tools to automatically analyze gamma spectra obtained from very good semiconductor spectrometer.
  • Environmental measurements


Warsaw University Of Technology

Jan 2013 → Aug 2015 (2 years, 8 months)

In this project we have developed a remote laboratory, that is a laboratory that allows students to perform physical experiments using their browsers.


it is different from other remote lab projects in following respects:

  • Client will is browser based --- plain HTML5 and JavaScript (no plugins). So student's will be able to perform experiments from their smart-phones, tablets and so on.
  • Is Open Source https://bitbucket.org/silf/
  • We have open documented protocol that is based on XMPP (you can use stock XMPP to route messages between client and server).

My role

  1. Did most of the work on the protocol.
  2. Created software that performs the experiments.
  3. Some work on WWW frontend.
  4. Created a "Virtual Teacher chatbot" that allows one to perform experiments, as well as answers some question using basic natural language processing techniques.


National Centre For Nuclear Research

Aug 2012 → Sep 2014 (2 years, 2 months)

I worked there part time, and I did oversee process of outsourcing software development for one project, and also I took part in preparing grant applications.


Warsaw University Of Technology

2011 → 2013 (3 years)

The project name is Internet Physics Laboratory (or Internetowe Laboratorium Fizyki), it allows anyone to perform experiments that use real physical hardware using our software client written in Java SWT.

Whole communication in the system is done via the XMPP protocol.

In this project I have developed two exercises, that is the 'Compton Exercise', and 'Geiger Counter' exercise.


Serapis sp. z o.o.

Aug 2007 → Sep 2008 (1 year, 2 months)

Maintaining and developing legacy Java web applications.

Oldest one was in fact written in Java 1.3 and running on Jrun server (then we moved it to 1.4 and Tomcat).

I worked on data warehouse that stored tariff data for one of Polish Telecoms.

Developing in-house webMethods validation framework

webMethods is one of integration servers. I made an in house application that validates it's services according to our client's requirements.

Services source code was stored in XML.

Doing code reviews

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M.S. Physics

Warsaw University Of Technology

2008 → 2010

I graduated with distinction.

My thesis was: "Correlation analysis of time series of particulate matter (PM10 and PM2,5) and nitrogen oxide imission". In which I developed some novel models that allowed me to predict levels of various air pollutants.

If you want to read it (it's in polish) it is on scribd.

Open Source


Feb 2015 → Feb 2015 (1 month)

It's a python wrapper for Genie 2000 Spectroscopic library.

Database Checker

Oct 2013 → Oct 2014 (1 year, 1 month)

Automatic checker for submissions for "Databases 101" subject I taught on Faculty of Physics

Role: Created the whole thing.

Genie Connector

Sep 2009 → Apr 2010 (8 months)

Its a java wrapper around C connectors to Canberra spectrometric equipement.

Role: I wrote the whole damn thing.

Apps & Software

Qualtrics survey

Oct 2018

I did two qualtrics studies for an anthropology department at one of major EU Universities. Surveys measured supernatural beliefs and cognitive biases of participants.

Ground movement monitoring application

Sep 2018

Application that gathers data from sensors that monitor ground movements on one of the bigger road constructions in Poland.

Stock Control

Jun 2018

In house ERP system for a company in Australia that creates custom firefighting equipment.

Dynamic forms

Jun 2017

Android application that streamlines assessment forms for beauty clinic in Australia.

Ground movement monitoring app

Jun 2016

I have developed a closed-source application that is a crucial part a system that monitors ground movements for high-way in Poland.

The application is responsible for receiving the data from monitoring hardware, calibrate it and display to end users.

This project was done with tight deadlines, changing spec, and tight budget, but I was able to manage technical dept in a way that it project is maintainable with minimal effort, and we were able to include significant changes to calibration algorithms (project is now in maintenance mode).

Interesting parts:

  • The application talks to equipment that has 2kb of RAM (and has no OS), and I needed to develop a home-made cryptography protocol that performs message authentication (all solutions off the shelf we could find, assumed POSIX OS on the device);
  • Calibrated data is stored in the database in an XML files, schema of these files is validated by PostgreSQL database;
  • Calibration algorithm is defined in XML files stored in the database (schema is also checked by the database);

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