Full-stack Web Developer at Wire Swiss GmbH

Copenhagen, Denmark
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Full-stack Web Developer

Wire Swiss GmbH

Dec 2012 → Current (7 years, 8 months)
  • Wire for Web (AWS, Knockout)
  • Wire for Desktop (Electron)
  • Website of the company (App Engine)
  • Internal directory for the team
  • Invitation system for beta users
  • Administrative tasks (Domains, Google Apps, etc)

Senior Web Developer

The Eye Tribe

Sep 2012 → Dec 2012 (4 months)

During my short stay in The Eye Tribe I contributed to major refactor and architecture changes for their web based eye tracking data collector and analysis tool called EyeProof.

Senior Software Developer


2010 → 2012 (3 years)

One of the two core developers of the whole solution. My main responsibilities among many others were:

  • Design/Build the Backend
  • Services for the clients to communicate with the backend
  • Build the Administrator's Tools
  • Administrative tasks (Google Apps, Setup of staging/main servers & repos, ...)
  • Trying hard to get all the points from Joel's Test.

Student Job

Shell Gas (Copenhagen, Denmark)

2008 → 2011 (4 years)

It was a part time student job and among other things in the IT departement I was responsible for the following tasks.

  • Creating internal tools to speed up the processes and commonly used tasks, mainly for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.
  • Collecting and presenting various statistics for many departments within the company.
  • Creating summary reports using services from the company's CRM application.
  • Technical support for Customer Support department

Software Developer (self-employed)

London Casino (Sofia, Bulgaria)

2006 → 2007 (2 years)

Created software for managing Texas Hold 'em Poker tournaments for a casino (player roster, tournament clock, table layout, payouts, tournament histories).

Software Developer

SGA G. Avramidis SA (Thessaloniki, Greece)

2005 → 2007 (3 years)

Part-time software engineer, working on internal tools and parts of commercial products (form generators, database metadata management, source control utilities, web services)

Software Developer (self-employed)


2001 → 2007 (7 years)

Creator of the Software for Managing Civil Engineering Documentation and Fees, that was sold to over 200 private Civil Engineering Bureaus and Public Sector Urban Planning Bureaus, in Greece.

Software Developer (self-employed)

Galonis Digital Print (Thessaloniki, Greece)

2001 → 2003 (3 years)

Software to handle the document printing process (reception of digital files, detailed recording of customer requirements, costing, printing invoices and more).

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Information Technology Engineering, B.Eng.

Copenhagen University College of Engineering

2007 → 2011
  • Implemented an AI chess engine (with a team of 2 other students), evaluated by the supervisor as the strongest AI chess engine in the University.
  • Build a security monitoring system, using IP-enabled webcams and Omnima ADM5120-based embedded controllers running Squidge Linux OS.
  • Build a physical Pac-Man simulation using Lego Mindstorms components (robots and infrared towers) and a custom networking protocol.


Google Developer Expert

2014 → Current (6 years, 7 months)

Open Source (6)


Chess engine written in C++

One of the students working on that as a school project. My main role was in the move generation and the ui interactions (including xboard)


Dec 2015 → Current (4 years, 7 months) 998 commits / 233,484 ++ / 161,525 -- Last commit on Nov 06, 19

:star2: GitHub Stats is all about stars, forks, repos, followers and more


Oct 2014 → Current (5 years, 9 months)

A beautiful "replacement" for JavaScript's alert

I'm made the original project compatible with Bootstrap and using Less.


Sep 2013 → Current (6 years, 10 months) 266 commits / 350,836 ++ / 309,099 -- Last commit on Jun 10, 20

:flags: CSS for vector based country flags!

I'm the creator of this open-source project


Jun 2013 → Current (7 years, 1 month)

Social Sign-In Buttons for Bootstrap

I'm the creator of this open-source project.


Mar 2013 → Current (7 years, 5 months) 968 commits / 231,132 ++ / 160,557 -- Last commit on Feb 17, 20

Google App Engine based on Flask, RESTful, Bootstrap and tons of other cool features

I'm the creator of this open-source project. Using gae-init you can bootstrap your new Google App Engine projects with a powerful stack of different frameworks.

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Apps & Software

Wire for Web and Desktop

The clients for messaging application Wire.

Lead developer for web and desktop clients of Wire.

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Tutorial for gae-init

This is a tutorial on how to create a simple phonebook application using gae-init as a starting point.



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