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Winterthur, Schweiz
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Senior Software Engineer | Data Engineer | Data Scientist


Nov 2018 → Current (2 years, 6 months)

Senior Quant Developer, Lead Data Analytics


Oct 2016 → Oct 2018 (2 years, 1 month)
python pandas scikit-learn jupyter-notebook kubernetes google-cloud-platform plotly javascript html5

Improved backtesting performance from days to hours by implementing a scalable distributed cloud-microservice architecture

CTO and Founder

shrebo - the sharing economy platform

Sep 2013 → Jul 2017 (3 years, 11 months)
django html5 nginx android ios python machine-learning javascript appfog amazon-web-services ios7 redis rabbitmq soa json mongodb scalability design jquery jquery-ui jquery-mobile phonegap continuous-integration tdd selenium scrum

Established the state-of-the art micro-services architecture using key distributed technologies (Cloudfoundry, Redis, MongoDb, Django, REST) => earned us a EMC/Pivotal Case Study: „risk-intelligent startup architecture“, including the state-of-the-art REST API, workflow engine and several client-facing app templates.

Launched MVP to market within 2.5 months of initial development

Built & hands-on lead the tech team of 5 devs near/offshore (Skype, Github). The team developed GTFS interfaces, several multi-modal routing planner backends/integrations, the data pipeline and prediction backend.

Freelance Software Engineer/Consultant


Sep 2013 → Oct 2016 (3 years, 2 months)
machine-learning pandas python scrapy bluetooth-lowenergy android ios javascript jquery jquery-ui jquery-mobile phonegap arduino

I help clients take business ideas from concept to technical reality. I solve problems that matter - e.g. I created the smartphone app for a med tech diabetes wearable including the bluetooth comms stack, a device-2-device testing harness and a mock-device for unit testing.

My key tasks include evaluating technology and developing apps from MVP to scale, covering a wide technology expertise from smartphone to backend to IoT including scalable data and machine learning pipelines.

Senior Software Engineer for Security Backend Systems

Credit Suisse

Oct 2006 → Aug 2013 (6 years, 11 months)
java-ee linux jrules jms javascript python bash oracle11g pkcs#12 amazon-ec2 solaris unit-testing rule-engine weblogic

Large organization - I am glad to have worked on many different projects.

Lead the technical team to run and extend the operational analytical component for online securities transactions compliance. Substantially reduced deployment cycle time and post-deployment error rates by automation.

Lead the technical team to develop the new card application handling application, interfacing with the issuer.

Helped software engineers write better documentation by establishing a firm-wide sound design and architecture documentation standard, including tool-based automated generation of documentation.

& many more. I was also asked on several occasion to review systems and advice senior management on the best course of action.

Senior Software Consultant for Datawarehouse and BI applications

Tobler Informatik

Oct 2004 → Sep 2006 (2 years)
db2 sas linux zos iiop java-rmi oracle10g corba html

For banking clients, I architected, designed and implemented SOA-services for BI statistical applications, including service monitoring & logging, integrated into a credit risk application, reducing operational cost

Also worked with client business to define requirements, then designed & developed a new analytical pricing application for payment services to commercial clients, enabled new revenue source for the bank

Software Engineer for Datawarehouse and BI applications


Feb 2003 → Sep 2004 (1 year, 8 months)
sas xml cvs batch-processing agile-project-management

Working for the card issuer, took the architecture responsiblity and lead development team for analytical data warehouse interfaces. Delivered within time and budget.

Business Development Manager

Credit Suisse

Apr 2001 → Jan 2003 (1 year, 10 months)
html web-applications corba excel-vba sas

Contributed to successful repositioning of bank services by leading a team of e-Banking experts to define the new CS online portal, initiating redesign and implementation on the IT side. Moderated and ensured senior management decision.

Trainer and coach on career assessment track, identified some young top talents that later became members of senior management.

Head Global eCRM/BI Practice

Logical Group, former Conexus Global Information

Jan 1999 → Mar 2001 (2 years, 3 months)
html javascript-objects serverside-javascript mvc c++ corba oracle solaris

Built up and lead the e-commerce consulting unit, established technical standards and innovated the project & delivery methodology. Contributed substantially to revenue base, facilitating the sale of the company to be become the Swiss subsidiary which served as the blue-print for the global rollout. My post-acquisition role was to establish the global eCRM/PI practice covering UK, DACH, SA and US counterparts.

Software Consultant and Project Manager for DWH/BI solutions

SAS Institute

Nov 1995 → Dec 1998 (3 years, 2 months)
ooad oop win32gui oracle sas c solaris java html apache aix

Managed technical consulting projects and implemented several BI & data warehouse solutions.

Programmer II

IBM (Switzerland)

Sep 1989 → Oct 1995 (6 years, 2 months)
os2 rexx oop ooad c network-programming tcp-ip masm mvs pli ims cobol db2

Junior years. Contributed several on-the-job innovations to automate processes and reduce admin efforts in sales applications, improve knowledge sharing.

I was part of a delegation to a technical deep-dive 2-months residency (kernel & UI debugging) at IBM's OS/2 lab in Boca Raton, USA.

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Data Analyst Nanodegree


Oct 2016 → Aug 2017
bigdata pandas scipy numpy

Received very positive feedback by reviewers. Particularly on writing a Pythonic MongoDB API that fits well with processing and analytics needs for out-of-core pre-precessing large-scale OSM Map Data. Let's face it, a large part of applied machine-learning is in scalable pre-processing, so that matters. Curriculum

CAS Computer Science in Distributed Systems

ETH Zurich

2009 → 2011
distributed-system cuda opencl multicore arduino sensor c google-app-engine embedded
  • 29 ECTS (of 21 required)
  • vouluntary 300h thesis project completed (Distributed People Counting using PIR Sensors), received recommendation letter by Prof. Dr. Roger Wattenhofer, Distributed Computing Group
  • done as part-time study while working 80% (during thesis project 60%)

Executive MBA

Joint degree (European University Montreux/Switzerland, Graduate School of Management Dallas, TX/USA)

2000 → 2002
office powerpoint excel
  • magna cum laude
  • Diploma Thesis on CRM in Financial Portals, linking marketing and e-commerce into a bundled offer.
  • developed an assessment criteria plan and method to identify risks and opportunities in e commerce projects

Professional Master Business Informatics

Business School, KV Zurich

1995 → 1998
database-design design computer-science accounting system-design project-management commercial
  • part-time study while working full-time
  • accepted as one of few youngest students in the programme (aged 22, average > 28)
  • while in this programme, implemented the first intranet solution at my employer, demonstrating innovation leadership (this was 1995!)
  • created a hash-based session concept for http applications well before this became common knowledge

Professional College in Commercial Trade

Business School, KV Zurich

1989 → 1992
microsoft office lotus-notes


Scrum Master, Scrum Alliance

2010 → 2011 (2 years)

Certificate in OO concepts, UML, Java EE (IEEE, Brainbench)

2007 → 2008 (2 years)

Certificate in Software Architecture Engineering

2007 → 2008 (2 years)

Certificate in TOGAF (OpenGroup)

2006 → 2007 (2 years)

Open Source


Mar 2015 → Current (6 years, 1 month)

Enhanced and lazy queries for Pandas DataFrames

pyrules - A Python Rule Engine

Nov 2014 → Current (6 years, 6 months)
python django

Fully fledged rule engine for Python

Started the project, implemented the PoC, wrote the specs for implementation, coordinating development & QA. This is actively used by my startup, shrebo.com

omega|ml - data science integration & production

Apr 2014 → Current (7 years, 1 month)
python scikit-learn pandas mongodb apache-spark rabbitmq django rest javascript

Collaborating efficiently among data scientists and software engineers is hard. omega|ml makes it easy - data scientists publish models with a single line of code, developers access the models from a simple REST API. Share Jupyter Notebooks and run them on a schedule for model training, evaluation and reporting.


Sep 2013 → Current (7 years, 7 months)
python git django

12factor apps need solid dependency management i.e. automated version tracking. It's a mess. trackbuild solves the problem once and for all - saving time and improving quality.

I created this and maintain it. It is actively used in several projects and saves a lot of time.


Sep 2013 → Sep 2013 (1 month)

A first implementation for an ec2autoscaler using the EC2 API

Created according to specification in a job interview. The framework is generic and operable from the command line.

Apps & Software

shrebo - the sharing economy platform

Oct 2013
python django redis rabbitmq sms-gateway email-integration calendar fullcalendar jquery

the sharing economy enables smart cities and rebuilds the travel and transportation value chains - think Uber, AirBnB, next self driving cars and drones. At the core of these systems is always demand prediction and resource allocation. shrebo is the platform to run smart cities on.

Envisioned the project and developed the baseline architecture. This included the evaluation and decision on a solid application framework (Django) and choosing an application host (AppFog, a PaaS). I developed and deployed the initial architecture within 2 months of starting.

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File sharding between servers algorithm

Jan 2014
My approach would be to use consistent hashing. From Wikipedia: Consistent hashing is a special kind of hashing such that when a hash table is resized and consistent hashing is used, only K/n ...

Test if an internet connection is present in python

Jan 2014
My approach would be something like this: import socket REMOTE_SERVER = "one.one.one.one" def is_connected(hostname): try: # see if we can resolve the host name -- tells us if there is # a ...
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Udacity Profile

Aug 2018
python scikit-learn pandas r

My machine learning / data science profile with project details

Lessons from Highly Scalable Architectures


Ever wondered how Twitter manages 25'000 tweets per second or 6 billion API calls a day, with just 500 engineers? Or how Facebook each(!) day takes in 2.7 billion posts and processes 500TB of data? I wondered, too, and this is my summary on some of the amazing technologies these companies have built.

Specification patterns from research to industry: A case study in service-based applications — IEEE Xplore


(...) In this paper we present the results of our study on specification patterns for service-based applications (SBAs). The study focuses on industrial SBAs in the banking domain. We started by performing an extensive analysis of the usage of specification patterns in published research case studies --- representing almost ten years of research in the area of specification, verification, and validation of SBAs. We then compared these patterns with a large body of specifications written by our industrial partner over a similar time period. (..., citing the abstract)

Consistency in a Stream Warehouse


Summary report on a CIDR paper on Consistency in a Stream Warehouse, by Golab & Johnson. The report summarises the authors' paper, and includes my contribution of an improved, easier to write and grasp formal notation to describe the streaming consistency model. Contribution to a seminar at ETHZ.

Verteilte Stromproduktion Motivation, Herausforderungen und Chancen


A summary of the software engineering challenges and emerging solutions in smart grids / distributed/renewable energy production and energy distribution - in particular, looking at demand prediction models and autonomous software agents that act intelligently to keep the energy grid functional. Contribution to a seminar at ETHZ on distributed systems.

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Readings (8)

Managerial Economics (4th Edition)

Craig H Petersen, W. Chris Lewis

Basic micro economics. Tought me how to look at investement decisions, to gather and structure financial data, to estimate and argue benefits v.s. cost in short- and long-term perspective.

R Cookbook (O'Reilly Cookbooks)

Paul Teetor

R can be put to real use with ease, yet given a choice I prefer Python along with NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib et.al. - much clearer syntax, easier to write maintainable code that is readily portable to web applications.

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First computer it ran PASCAL, BASIC and C - and it all fit in 256KB
Favorite editor Jupyter Notebook, PyCharm, nano, vim -- whatever it takes to be productive





  • reading (including history, philosophy)
  • film, literature
  • reading up on contemporary events (newspapers, magazines)

Enganged in some sports...

  • loves to sail boats
  • likes to bike & listen to music