Max Breakwell
Lead Software Engineer
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  • San Francisco, CA, United States

Max Breakwell

Lead Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA, United States


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Software Engineer with experience in point-of-sale integrations, product and API development.

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Lead Software Engineer


Mar 2021 → Current (11 months)
python django html css javascript celery redis tastypie api amazon-web-services
  • Leading the development of our loyalty system software and performing all SRE duties.
  • Mentoring new hires.
  • Making decisions about the direction and focus of our loyalty system software.

Senior Software Engineer


Jun 2017 → Mar 2021 (3 years, 10 months)
python django html css javascript celery gevent redis tastypie amazon-web-services
  • Maintain and improve our application infrastructure to facilitate growth and scaling.
  • Assisting with our web API development and availability.
  • Developing and maintaining ETL pipelines that move data into reporting databases and external systems.
  • Developed a automated testing strategy for a project that integral to the business's success, but lacked any test coverage.
  • Performing code reviews and ensuring the quality of code being merged into our production branch.

Software Engineer


Mar 2014 → Jun 2017 (3 years, 4 months)
python django celery javascript html css
  • Design and develop new features to help create more engaging loyalty programs for our business customers.
  • Build integrations with a variety of services (e.g. POS & CRM Systems, Salesforce, and Wearables)

Teaching Assistant.

RocketU Web Developer Bootcamp

Jan 2014 → Mar 2014 (2 months)
html css javascript python django mysql jquery
  • Assisted bootcamp students with live questions and in class chat-rooms.
  • Provided practical advice and guidance from a bootcamp graduate's perspective.

Front-End Web Developer

FirstJob, Inc.

Nov 2013 → Jan 2014 (3 months)
javascript d3.js html jquery css
  • Developed an analytics page using D3.js that applied the idea of a sales funnel to job applications. It allowed recruiters to visualize the amount of views, clicks and submissions for each job.
  • Performed data analysis of job postings from the FirstJob website to determine the most highly desired skills across industries and locations within the US.

RocketU 10-Week Web Development Bootcamp


Aug 2013 → Oct 2013 (3 months)
html css javascript python django tastypie mysql

I developed an application that combined data from three API sources to make recommendations for music events in the SF Bay Area.

  • Utilized Facebook data on the music interests of users and their friends group.
  • Created a scoring system based on artist metadata from Echonest (acquired by Spotifty)
  • Cross-referenced against Songkick data on events happening nearby to come up with recommendations based on users music preferences.

Actionscript Developer


Mar 2012 → Apr 2012 (2 months)
actionscript-3 actionscript

Actionscript (2 -> 3) Migration of Japanese Language Learning Application

  • Researched, planned, and implemented strategies for upgrading the client’s application
  • Provided eloquent solutions for a variety of problems associated with restructuring code for AS3
  • Created new GUI elements to be compliant with new coding standards
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    Hampshire College

    1999 → 2003


    Learning Processing

    Daniel Shiffman

    The first edition of this book was how I got into programming back in 2009.

    Two Scoops of Django

    Daniel Greenfield and Audrey Roy

    It was the Django 1.6 edition of this book that I bought after attending a programming bootcamp that really helped me get a better understanding of how to use Django effectively.

    The Joy of Clojure (2nd edition)

    Micheal Fogus and Chris Houser

    I started to get into Clojure around 2016 after a few failed attempts to appreciate the language. I read a handful of books on Clojure in order to get started, but this is the one I bought the dead-tree version of just to have it in my little library of tech books.

    It's not really a Clojure beginner book, but it's exceptional at making the reader understand why it's a worthwhile language and to get them excited about using it.

    Designing Data-Intensive Applications

    Martin Kleppmann

    This book gets recommended so often that I worry it may seem cliché to mention, but I did very much enjoy it. It's kind of like an encyclopedia of our industry's current solutions towards problems that arise from dealing with massive amounts of data.

    In a way it's a book of all the things that can go wrong when building data-intensive systems and some ideas, products, and trends used to alleviate those problems.

    Grokking Simplicity

    Eric Normand

    This is the book I wish had been around when I was first attempting to learn about functional programming. It's written for functional programming beginners and is very pragmatic. I'd recommend it to anyone who is curious about how function programming can improve the systems they develop.


    First computer Apple IIe
    Favorite editor Vim, PyCharm